Inspired by Nature.

Driven by Innovation.

We provide the world with products and solutions that make life healthier and happier  

Making Life Happier

We believe that the key to a happy life lies in the ability to embrace the past, be inspired by what nature has to offer, and be driven forward by innovation. This is what motivates us. 


High-End Solutions

Advanced Food BV is a European food ingredients and commodities corporate providing tailor-made solutions for the food, food supplements, and cosmetics industries.

From raw materials supply to full production process, packaging and distribution – our solutions are consistent with principles of sustainability and wellness, and are based on top-notch manufacturing technologies.

A Passion for The Land

Ours is a story about a passion for the land dating back dozens of years.  We are wedded to an ancient tradition wrapped in the oriental magic of the Mediterranean. It is a story that moves between authenticity and technological innovation, creating a bridge between past, present, and future. 

The Industries We Work With

Our solutions designed to meet your exact requirements and specific definitions, so that you can have a real added value and gain a competitive edge.

Food Manufacturing
Food Services
Chef's & Restaurants
Retail & Distributing

Discover Our Solutions

Our products meet the growing needs for a vegan and plant-based diet and fit a healthy lifestyle and wellness.

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